Vanda Pinto, PhD, science writer —

​​Vanda is a biochemist with a PhD in biomedicine from the University of Porto, Portugal. She conducted her postdoctoral research first at the Bristol Medical School, U.K., studying the insulin-PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in diabetic nephropathy, then at the Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto, where her focus was on glycosylation in lupus nephritis and inflammatory bowel disease. She next made the switch to science publishing, handling papers in biochemistry, molecular biology, and immunology.

Articles by Vanda Pinto

High Pregnancy Heme Precursor Levels Not Tied to Worse Symptoms

In women with acute hepatic porphyria (AHP), increased levels of heme precursors during pregnancy were not accompanied by symptom worsening, and most patients had no AHP-related complications, a Swedish study reports. Nonetheless, given that “it can be challenging to differentiate between manifestations of an acute attack and obstetrical,…

Iron Infusions Trigger PCT in Woman with Rare UROD Mutation

Regular iron infusions given to treat anemia caused a woman with a rare mutation in the uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase (UROD) gene to develop porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT). Her case was described in the report, “Iatrogenic Iron Overload Causing Porphyria Cutanea Tarda in a Patient With a Rare Nonsense Heterozygous…